Connecting Families Strengthening Minds

We promote safety, growth, and healing for families, couples, and individuals.

Support for all ages and life phases

Our unique wraparound support services were developed for
people who have atypical development such as giftedness,
learning disabilities, ADHD, executive delays, and many more.

We strive to provide strong therapeutic and academic coaching team to assist people in creating wholeness in all areas of their lives.
Our co-founders Casey Heinsch and Robyn Berry created FCLC to promote a strong community amongst the people they serve. Early on in their career together they saw a lack of support and education for families who have atypical development. It became clear that many families received academic and therapeutic support separate from each other which created a large gap in socioemotional growth and academic achievement.


Our clinical team is well trained in systemic therapies focused on helping families, couples, and individuals. Each clinician has their own unique style to cater to different types of people. We use a variety of interventions focused on attachment, emotional regulation, cognitive flexibility, and psychoeducation.

Learning Center​

The Learning Center offers general tutoring, specialized tutoring for typical and atypical learners, and remedial programs for individuals with learning disabilities. Our academic coaches are well trained in the unique academic and emotional needs of the learners. Each coach creates a specialized environment that caters to the developmental and emotional needs of the client.

Meet Our Team

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Casey Heinsch​

Co-Founder & LMFT

Robyn Berry

Co-Founder & Learning Center Director​

Tara Costa


Merrilee Miller

MFT Graduate Intern

Services & Fees


Independent Licensed

$ 195
  • per hour

Associate Licensed

$ 175
  • per hour

Graduate Intern

$ 100
  • per hour

Learning Center

Additional and/or basic instruction of school subject matter

$50 per hour

Catered academic tutoring and/or support in executive function skill-building
based on the individual’s developmental learning needs.

$65-$85 per session – Weekly or monthly packages available upon assessment
  • Lindamood-Bell

  • Orton-Gillingham

  • Logic of English

$115 per hour – Frequency determined upon initial

Good Faith Estimate Statement

Effective January 1, 2022 under Section 2799B-6 of the Public Health Service Act, a ruling went into effect called the "No Surprises Act", which requires practitioners to provide a "Good Faith Estimate" about out-of-network care. At Family Connections & Learning Center (FCLC), we will provide your fee for service information before your first appointment. We work collaboratively with our clients in developing treatment plans and will openly communicate verbally and in writing about ongoing costs of care.